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Dance Unveiled: The 2021 Dance Magazine Awards Showcase Possibility, Collaboration, and Spirit

The 2021 Dance Magazine Awards illuminated the possibilities within the dance community, emphasizing collaboration and the importance of conduct within the industry. Held at the Guggenheim Museum, the event began with a panel featuring past honorees Lar Lubovitch, Wendy Whelan, and Mark Morris, exploring the relationship between dance and visual arts. Lubovitch emphasized the unique magic of dance, stating, "The grace and integrity that it requires to commit yourself to something that is basically invisible except when you’re doing it requires a kind person and a kind character." The event celebrated not only the accomplishments of honorees but also their character and contributions to the dance community.

A key theme of the evening was the conduct and collaborative spirit of honorees. Susan Stroman, presenting to choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler, highlighted his fearless collaboration and approach rooted in love. Blankenbuehler, in turn, emphasized the influence of his mentor, stating, "If there’s ever a time where I am good to the people around me, it is because there’s a Susan Stroman on my shoulder." The ceremony also recognized dance luminaries such as Tamara Rojo, Dormeshia, and Akram Khan, acknowledging their impact on the dance world and their commitment to sharing their art with others.

The event concluded with a performance excerpt from Michelle Dorrance and Nicholas Van Young's Rotunda Project, highlighting the joy of dance and its ability to bring people together. Judith Jamison's closing remarks encapsulated the sentiment of the evening, emphasizing the preciousness of dance and the value of sharing it with others. The Dance Magazine Awards underscored the interconnectedness and significance of the dance community, acknowledging not only the achievements of individuals but also the collective impact of the art form.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Stahl, Lar Lubovitch, Wendy Whelan And Mark Morris. Photo By Christopher Duggan


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