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Harkness Foundation For Dance

The Harkness Foundation for Dance is a private grant-making organization dedicated to fostering the dance art form. In collaboration with the Dance Media Foundation, they provide substantial grants to over 600 organizations and fiscally-sponsored artists, predominantly in New York City.

Learn more about the Harkness Foundation.

Ballet Dancers Practice at the Harkness House. Photo courtesy of the Harkness Foundation for Dance

A Force for Positive Change

There are four major areas of support:
   •    Dance creation
   •    Dance presentation
   •    Dance education
   •    Dance medicine/other dance field services

Miami City Ballet Logo

Miami City Ballet

The Dance Media Foundation's partnership with the Miami City Ballet will help expand the Explore Dance program to Title 1 students in Palm Beach County. Promoting the arts through an educational outreach program is part of our mission. 

Learn more about the Miami City Ballet Explore Dance Community Outreach program.

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Palm Beach County School District | Glade View Elementary

The Dance Media Foundation is thrilled to be working with Glade View Elementary in coordination with Miami City Ballet, to expand the reach of Miami City Ballet's Explore Dance program in Palm Beach County. 

Palm Beach School for Autism logo

Palm Beach School for Autism

The Dance Media Foundation is excited to work with the Palm Beach School for Autism, the art and therapy of dance will bring invaluable experiences to their students. 


"Movement and dance provide a holistic approach to physical, emotional, and social development for students with autism. At Palm Beach School for Autism, the power of movement and dance elevates each student’s experience; it is a key component to their growth, both socially and academically. We are excited about the opportunity this partnership, with the Dance Media Foundation, will allow for us to provide dance instruction to many more students.”


-Nicole DeFlorio

Director of Transition & Family Services

Learn more about the Palm Beach School for Autism.

Ways You Can Contribute

Join Us At The Awards

A perfect way to support us is in person at our annual event. We'd love to see you there! Details about our 2024 event will be available soon.


We've made it easy and convenient to contribute via direct donation. Simply click the link below.

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